Greetings from D.C. and the ALTA Federal Conference

by Francine D'Elia Wirsching on March 2, 2010

Hello from our Nation’s Capital.   I am a first-timer here at the ALTA Federal Conference.  It has been quite a number of years since I visited this beautiful City.   I like the pulse, the hustle and bustle, not as frantic as New York but with focus and with purpose.

I often wonder if our industry has a pulse.  I discovered that the answer is “yes.”  Within the few hours of my arrival I had the pleasure of meeting ALTA colleagues from all across the nation whose passion for protecting the American dream shines through.

This afternoon we should see a lot of this passion when we attend a session titled: RESPA Dialogue with HUD Officials.   I want to be front and center for this one.

Heading off to an ALTA-sponsored Congressional Briefing and meeting more people who realize that if we don’t get involved now and promote and educate others in what it is that we do, these “others” will gladly step in to help us along.  The health of our business requires us to be proactive and not reactive.

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