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by Francine D'Elia Wirsching on September 30, 2008

A quick shout out to Independent Title Insurance Agents. Ohio is calling, please answer the call.

Please support the efforts of the Ohio Association of Independent Title Agents in bringing together like-minded Independent Agents across America to form a National Association. And if you cannot make it to the Convention on October 6, 2008, please contact the organizers to let them know you are interested in joining this national movement.

If you don’t think AfBA’s are a problem, please take a look at Pull Back the Curtain of Smoke and Mirrors and if don’t have the time to read the entire post, just take a look at the quotes which will give you a sneak peak into what motivates a referring party to use their affiliates. It is not pretty.

Unfortunately, I am not able to make it to Ohio but a few of my colleagues will be there and will bring with them a wealth of information we have been discussing for quite some time.

Thank you Ohio!! Here is the link to the information on the Convention .

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1 Anthony Louis Affatati, Sr. January 19, 2010 at 4:50 pm

Francine it could not have been put better. I look forward to the Ohio conference and the NAILTA spring conference scheduled on April 12, 2010 . I beleive these two organizations coupled with the strength of like minded Independent Title Agents will soon start to make a difference. some underwriters suspended reality during the alleged good years and now independent agencies are paing the price. Some of our illustrious underwriters still have not learned there lesson and continue with business as usual since the fines that are levied are way less then the profit generated by there actions.
As long as there exists title professionals like Francine and Dave there will never be any rest for the agents who seek to destroy the concept of the independent agent/agencies.
So join us in Ohio and Atlantic City and get involved. Join a committee and be part of the positive change that will ultimatly occur.Do not depend on anyone else to do it. You will find yourself out of business and without a career and worse still—–working for an underwriter. See you there.



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